about shadow

Shadow Backus has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1997. She started her career working with children who experienced sexual abuse and neglect, teens who ran from home, women who experienced domination via sexualized power and control and parents of murdered children. Shadow is passionate about working with individuals to support their personal growth. She has worked in a variety of settings including schools, residential treatment for adolescents, criminal justice in sensitive crimes unit, and disordered eating/exercise. All three of her degrees and many of her certificates are science-based (for example: she earned a Masters of Science in Social Work) thus, research is essential to her methods of practice.

Her therapy includes a variety of personalized interventions drawing from Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral, Internal Family Systems, Certified Complex Trauma methods, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. She dedicates much of her time to those individuals who experience Aggressive, Manipulative, Controlling, Enmeshed and Gaslighting behaviors.

Shadow’s ability to convey compassion and detailed understanding while delivering directly is among her strongest skills. You can count on her authenticity and honesty regarding what it will take for you to get where you want to be in life, all while experiencing the space of peace and presence. Shadow’s sessions are opportunities for mindfulness, psycho-education, and spiritual awakening.

Shadow believes it takes tenacity to heal and courage to act in one’s own best interest. She believes we are naturally comprised of intuition and intelligence even in the face of pain, grief and fear. The ability to reframe, pause, and observe without judgement are usually the first tools taught.

She hopes her clients take away the following thoughts with them at the close of each session:

  • Life is a journey toward loving myself
  • I am brilliantly capable of taking responsibility for every aspect of my life
  • Above all else, I can experience peace in this moment

what clients say about shadow

Shadow validated my child when no one else would. She normalized my daughter’s behaviors, capitalized on her strengths, and advocated for her without hesitation.

Mom in Madison

I wasn’t sure about therapy and how it could possibly help. In an indirect way, she helped me see how I effect my wife and how I interpret her actions. Shadow’s respect and belief in me made the difference.

Mark J.

Shadow’s openness and sensitivity to what is important to me made me realize my value, purpose, and connection with God.

Kathrine C.

See Shadow Backus’ profile on the Psychology Today site.

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