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Contact Shadow to learn how: your power is vital, to clear your patterns, communicate cleanly, dance with the energetics of relationships, adore all parts of you, soothe, own, and surrender your triggers and step into your bigness. You can count on her to speak to the Truth of who you are, respond cleanly and emotionally honestly in a grounded way, connect with you in gratitude by looking to Universe/God/Spirit/Source while keeping you in mind.

Why does Shadow choose to be an independent private practice professional instead of being in a group or clinic: She can create her own hours and how this helps you is that she can text and speak with you on the phone “after hours” 7 days per week. She can offer weekend and evening appointment times. She can give to charities from her professional earnings instead of using her earnings to pay for heavy administrative costs. She can go the extra mile of advocating for you, by putting in more hours than your session times when you are in crisis, without supervisors putting limits on her time. Why go to a clinic: variety of mental health professionals from which to choose. Hours offered are consistent each week. They take insurance. “Comfort” of knowing they must be reputable if there is an entire group of professionals and the amount of time to schedule out is long.

Differences between counselor, psychologist and clinical social worker: counselors usually have an emphasis on marriage and family or educational psychology, or ATODA, and are very equipped to give you guidance on personal, social, or psychological problems. Psychology is the study of the mind and is often focused on the individual’s attitude and feelings as it relates to behaviors. Social workers take into context the environment in which one finds themselves (economic, rural/city, culture, etc.), organizational influences of community, school/work, and home, and studies the burdens of isms (racial, sexual, gender/sex, differently-abled, etc.) as well as impacting social and political institutions and influences. Clinical Social Workers have 3000 post-graduate hours in psychology, health, human development and behavior beyond their masters degree. We all have in common a desire for your well-being to be your daily experience more often than not.

If you prefer, use the contact Shadow via her phone number of (608) 409-3400, or send a message using the form at the bottom of the page.

Her physical office located in:

2415 Parview Road, Suite 1
Middleton, Wisconsin 53562

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