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Contact Shadow to learn how: your power is vital, to clear your patterns, to communicate cleanly, to dance with the energetics of relationships, to adore all parts of you, to soothe and surrender your triggers and to step into your bigness. You can count on her to speak to the Truth of who you are, respond cleanly and authentically in a grounded way, connect with you using compassion and directness, be present with gratitude and by looking to Universe/God/Spirit/Source while keeping you in mind.

Why does Shadow choose to be an independent private practice professional instead of being in a group or clinic: She can give her clients individual attention 7 days per week. She can text and speak with you on the phone “after hours”. She can provide weekend and evening appointment times. She can give to charities from her professional earnings instead of using her earnings to pay for heavy administrative costs. She can use intuition and energy in her psychotherapy sessions. She can work in a collaborative community with different professionals to aid in your transformation instead of being surrounded by only mental health professionals. She can offer parenting sessions free of charge when a child is in therapy.

If you prefer, use the contact Shadow via her phone number of (608) 409-3400, or send a message using the form at the bottom of the page.

Her physical office located in:

2415 Parview Road, Suite 1
Middleton, Wisconsin 53562

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