moving through suffering into curiosity, freedom and peace

Shadow offers services to young adults and parents, nonbinary and queer individuals. Her forte is in rectifying gaslighting-sensitive relationship experiences, clean communication regarding needs, sex and sexuality, detachment from ego, inspiration to be one’s best self and guidance to lean into struggles for long-standing challenges.

For more information on how much it will cost, see our Rates page.

individual psychotherapy

These are one-on-one talk-therapy sessions with Shadow, starting with a 60- or 90-minute Intake Session. Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes and designed to identify and support each of your next steps in leading a healthy, balanced life and step into your bigness. Sessions prioritize peace of mind.

It is helpful if are ready, willing, and able and feel secure enough to look at dark and embarrassing places with compassion. At the start of each session, you will be asked to bring up an experience, thought or feeling you’d like to “look at”. You will discuss a couple of topics with candor and observation during each session.

Further, it is advantageous if you then, put into practice what you and Shadow discuss.


Psycho-Spiritual Development, Ethics and Boundaries in group teaching format with time to reach into honest and challenging thoughts and emotions as we take ownership of the effects of our egos on earth and navigate complexities of life and relationships.

claircognizant consultation

Sorting Consultation phone calls are intuitive sessions where Shadow delivers what she is guided to share. There is some mediumship and psychic awareness that Shadow may utilize as it is helpful for the individual but Shadow doesn’t call herself a Medium or a Psychic. Shadow also works hard to not receive information as an Empath or a Sensitive though she is attuned to these modalities of information gathering and sharing. Shadow will not invasively probe, insert, protect, or see what you energetically do not what her to see. Her sessions are backed by her licensures, experiences, education, 24 years worth of trainings in energy work/tracking and intuitive coaching, however, this is not psychotherapy. Anyone can book these sessions and they do not necessarily build upon each other.

free 20-min check-in

A check-in is a phone call or texting with Shadow to remember coping skills, affirm your greatness, connect with higher self, or to reframe and identify triggers.


Before starting my healing journey with Shadow, I was in the midst of what you might characterize as an existential crisis. Shadow’s trauma-informed, strengths-based, and spiritual approach to therapy helped me connect with and utilize the tools I already had inside me to make some critical decisions about my life. Shadow empowers her clients to reach gently (not aggressively) into their hearts and souls for the keys to self-love and self-efficacy. -R.H.

Charities to which we contribute

CLARITY Energy Work Education

Charity Water

Creating a Peaceful World

National Association of Social Workers

National Organization for Rare Diseases

To schedule time with Shadow, go to her Contact page or use this link.

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