At Shadow Backus Psychotherapy, we offer a range of services for LGBTQIA+ individuals, persons with Military experiences, narcissist-empath relationship, adolescents, children, women, parents and families. It is helpful if clients have a curiosity for growth and a glimpse of openness to see themselves and their lives differently than perhaps they currently do. For more information on how much it will cost, see our Rates page.


These are one-on-one sessions with a licensed mental health professional starting with a 80-minute intake session. Subsequent sessions are 50 minutes, designed to identify and support each of your next steps in leading a healthy, balanced life, being open to the bigness that is you and your purpose. Sessions prioritize clarity, trust and peace of mind.

It is helpful if you would feel safe enough in your life to look at and validate your scary, dark and embarrassing places in your memories, and you are free from having too many gurus and drug influences. When you bring an experience or thought/feeling you’d like to “look at” at the start of each session and put into practice what we discuss, you will experience fast results in the areas of healing, mental focus and personal/spiritual development.

group therapy

Groups sessions are regular and encouraged on an as-needed basis. We have yoga instruction as well as therapy groups that cover a range of topics pertaining to surviving, thriving and what’s next in our lives.

It’s often therapeutic to be in connection with others in the honest struggle, difficult thoughts and range of emotions as we navigate the complexities of life and relationships.


A check-in is designed to allow you a quick touch-base with shadow to remember coping skills, reaffirm your greatness and connection with higher self, or to discover triggers after an event and reframe intentions and actions.

yoga therapy

Shadow will instruct you on using yoga poses to move energy and heal while doing psychotherapy. This is done after completing a traditional psychotherapy intake and when both you and Shadow agree it may be a beneficial method of treatment.

To schedule time with Shadow, go to her Contact page or use this link.

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