Where are you now and where do you want to be?

How will your life be different after you enter therapy?

How willing are you to change?

Are you ready to invest in your mental-spiritual health as much as you invest your time and energy in others?

Shadow will guide you in identifying emotional practices and new thoughts that will be essential in formulating and following-through with your intentions and behaviors.

private psychotherapy sessions

  • 60-minute Individual Session (and 60-minute informal Intake session–no diagnosis needed): $150
  • 90-minute Individual Intake Session with Diagnosis (Formal Intake for diagnosis is necessary if you want a detailed receipt from S.M. Backus, LLC that you may choose to submit to your insurance for reimbursement, an ESA letter requirement, or are sometimes requested from an individual for self-knowledge.): $230
  • 90-minute Family/Couple Sessions: $230
  • 50-minute Claircognizant Consultation: $130
  • 20-minute phone calls/texting for an initial inquiry; or between sessions as long as there is another appointment in the schedule: Free

intimate classes

  • $300/person for Awakening 101 two-day workshop (10 hours total) on the foundation of spiritual development and energy, co-lead with Michaela Torcaso, Spiritual Coach
  • $175/person for Personal Accountability and Professional Integrity classes two-day (6 hours total) working with the nuances and intricacies of honoring yourself and others using advanced psycho-spiritual tools

Payment and Cancelation:

We accept Credit or Cash. Payment information must be provided prior to a session/class/workshop/group therapy.

Cancelation Policy: 36 hours advanced notice to cancel or reschedule must be honored. Missed appointments and Late Cancelations result in an automatic charge of 50% of the full amount of the session booked or consultation fee.


I found Shadow when I was navigating a difficult time in my life. Shadow has played a crucial role in helping me find and see peace, joy, and acceptance in all things; both in my relationships with myself and with others. While our work has focused primarily on personal growth and healing, it has also greatly improved my professional life and relationships. Shadow has played a crucial role in helping me craft a new perspective – to look at things through a different lens – I can now see positivity for my future and for my past. I have awareness for myself and others, and I have gained a sense of peace in moving forward and continuing to navigate life’s journey. -Jessica V.

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