psychotherapy rates

Psychotherapy sessions are generally held at the offices. Before any subsequent sessions including group and/or yoga therapy can be scheduled, a client must complete a 80-minute intake session where you and Shadow will discuss all significant (small and large) aspects of who you are and what makes up your days and, then, begin to identify treatment goals.

individual sessions/yoga therapy

  1. 80-minute intake session: $250 (the helpful first step)
  2. 50-minute session: $150
  3. 25-minute check in (by phone): $75
  4. Depending on family size, or issues to be discussed, you and Shadow may determine that longer therapy sessions are best and the appropriate fee will be charged.

group therapy

  • 60 minutes: $60
  • 80 minutes: $90


  • $150/person for for 4-hour workshop
  • Class topics include: Leadership, Ethics, Personal Growth, Relationship Communication

We do not take insurance, but will supply you with a monthly statement that you can send to your flex or insurance carrier for reimbursement to you.

If you are a regular client, you can request an ESA (emotional support animal) letter, if needed.

If you have financial needs, you may inquire about sliding scale rates or payment arrangements.

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