psychotherapy rates

Psychotherapy sessions are generally held at the office, though during the summer there are more video/phone appointments available than in-person appointments. Before any subsequent sessions including group and/or somatic therapies can be scheduled, clients must complete an 80-minute intake session where you and Shadow will discuss all significant (small and large) aspects of who you are and what makes up your days and, then, begin to identify treatment focuses.

individual sessions/yoga therapy

  • 80-minute Intake session: $250 (the helpful first step)
  • 55-minute Regular session: $150 (often goes over 50 minutes)
  • 25-minute Check-in (by phone): $75
  • 80-minute Family/Couple or Extended session: $210
  • 15-min phone calls are free

group therapy

  • $150/person for once-per-week, 5 session classes/therapy sessions at 60 minutes each.
  • Psycho-Education Topics include: Deconstruction of Triggers and Mindfulness, Grief, Social Skills and Navigating Triggers, Personality Disorders of Borderline, Narcissistic and the relationship with Empaths/Sensitives
  • Group therapy focuses include: Mind-Body Eating/Self-Image, What Women Need, Transitions, Grief and Loss, Healing from Gas-lighting and Abusive or Manipulative Relationships


  • $150/person for for 4-hour workshop. Topics include: Leadership and Accountability, Personal Growth and Development, Relationship Communication
  • CLARITY 101 two-day workshop on Spiritual Development, co-lead by Michaela Torcaso $300

ESA Letters: If you are a regular client, you can request an ESA (emotional support animal) letter.

We do not take insurance, but will supply you with a monthly statement that you can send to your flex or insurance carrier for reimbursement to you, if you wish.

We accept credit, cash, check.

Cancelation Policy: You must provide 36 hours notice to cancel or reschedule. Missed appointments and Late Cancelations result in a charge of 50% of the session or consultation fee.

If you have financial needs, you may inquire about sliding scale rates.


I found Shadow when I was navigating a difficult time in my life. Shadow has played a crucial role in helping me find and see peace, joy, and acceptance in all things; both in my relationships with myself and with others. While our work has focused primarily on personal growth and healing, it has also greatly improved my professional life and relationships. Shadow has played a crucial role in helping me craft a new perspective – to look at things through a different lens – I can now see positivity for my future and for my past. I have awareness for myself and others, and I have gained a sense of peace in moving forward and continuing to navigate life’s journey. -Jessica V.

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