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Shadow offers experiential therapy for those interested and if it is determined to be clinically beneficial to a client. Under the heading of psychotherapy, she uses talk-therapy with body movement. Specific yoga poses are chosen for each client in each session, and sometimes Shadow utilizes body and energy work if client and she agree it is pertinent.

experiential talk therapy with yoga movement

Shadow has been practicing yoga regularly since 1996. She has been trained in Iyengar, Bikram, Power and Ashtanga. She began teaching Power Flow, Yin, Restorative and Hatha in 1998 while earning her teaching training in Chicago.

Yoga has been called spiritual exercise, stretching and strengthening muscles via meditation and movement with breath. Some think it’s vital to maintaining balanced emotions, steady creativity and a healthy body, thereby making it necessary for navigating relationships and challenges in life. Shadow knows that yoga isn’t for everyone, yet she believes anyone can do yoga.


Shadow touched my senses, spoke to my soul, and was devoted to supporting me by carving out a pool of total acceptance of who I was, am, and who I am becoming. -Jenna A.

experiential talk therapy with body/energy work

Shadow is a Licensed Massage Therapist who attended A Spiritouch Institute in 1997. She sought education in acupressure, lymphatic, neuromuscular, reflexology, energy, essential oils and flower essences, myofascial, first- and second-degree Reiki, CranioSacral, sports massage, Shiatsu, and more.

During her time as a massage therapist, Shadow has found that massage therapy is often a key that opens the door to healing, peace and freedom in a profound and accelerated way — especially when complemented with other wellness services and therapy. Serving others as a massage therapist has allowed Shadow to support clients in all stages of healing and empowerment.

Shadow tailors every session to each client with intention and holding space for what the client wants — whether it’s healing, nurturing or support for her/his mind-body connection. 


Shadow doesn’t know how good she is. -Michelle T.

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