spiritual leader quiz

discover your spiritual leader style and growing edge

This quiz is a fun way to see with what style you mentor others, what your strengths are, where you might choose to grow and where you can find support. It also shares topics for your own personal development should you want to take your personal accountability and professional integrity to the next level.

Your possible spiritual leadership style may be:

Guru Your mantra is: Thy (God/Allah/Universe/Nature) will be done (not your will).

Sage Your mantra is: I give this [problem] to you, [God/Allah/Universe/Nature]. (i.e. surrender.)

Witch Your mantra is: I rise above the battlefield.

High Priestess The mantra you could try on for the next few days is: Give less Fucks.

For further and personalized post-quiz interpretation, please make an appointment for a session with Shadow.


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-Michelle T.

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